Editors note


I’m Eva Bozimo, i’m the editor-in-chief of the lifestyle site, candid lips blog. I’m an unrepentant feminist and an advocate for women rights. I’m very purpose driven and i believe in making every plan I’ve ever had for my life come to fruition. I created this platform because i recognise the need to celebrate and recognise the challenges that we face, especially in Africa. A platform to express my unfiltered thoughts and opinions about life, its challenges, adversities, personal development, relationships, fictional writing etc. My aim for this blog is to raise the consciousness level of people, spread positivity, entertain, in the hopes that it will not just uplift and inspire people in similar situations but also help them take action in becoming a better version of themselves. Life, as we know it can be extremely hard and I believe we can always draw strength from each other. I’m also a very firm believer of purpose; were all connected, I believe every individual is on this earth to fulfil God’s purpose for his or her life. Your passions and interests are little clues that direct you to God’s promise for your life and if you pay close attention to them and listen to him you’d get to where he eventually wants you to be which is your DESTINY.

Thank you as you become part of my journey.

E Bozimo.

Love & Light xo