Healthy competition vs Envy

I don’t know exactly what you’re going through but your experiences are not mere coincidences; they are footprints to your future. Nothing you’ve been through will be wasted, every person has had some experiences that elicited the question “why am I going through this?” our difficulties shape our lives. Whether you grew up poor, middle class or wealthy, your experiences play a role in your life. There are different paths to take, people to meet, and circumstances to overcome that eventually leads to our purpose in life, your journey is totally different from the next person. Eventually you’d find out why you had to go through what you did, lessons had to be learnt, skills had to be practiced, patience had to be taught and its your job to use that to propel you forward.

Millennial Dating

Dating is a very essential part of life, and I believe we have lost the true essence of it. The cycle these days goes like this, you exchange numbers, talk for a bit, meet up, have sexual relations, talk for a longer bit till it fizzles out and ends then on to the next person, most times with no real explanation, you just get bored and social media gives us this false idea that you have a lot of options. You start a relationship but back out after the first sign of trouble forgetting that no one is perfect and before you know it you’re averaging 5+ guys/girls in one year.

On Becoming (Book Review)

I believe this book was just a representation of what a high percentage of women of all ages go through in Nigeria. It’s so common that I can’t even begin to imagine the amount of lives she must have touched, strength a lot of girls would have pulled from it.

God is that you?

You always speak to us, always, from when we wake up to when we shut our eyes, and even in our dreams. But some of us live such busy and noisy lives we don’t get to hear you actually speak, they’re always people and things happening around us so we never stay still

Short letter to the broken hearted

Eventually the dots in our lives start to connect and we get a better understanding why it had to happen when and how it did. You want closure, you expect it but you’re not entitled to it, from anyone.


celibacy is a journey, it is extremely vital especially in todays relationships were everything consists of sex, and sex is meant to be the icing on the cake and not the cake itself. Celibacy helps both parties focus on what really matters which is each other. Are we compatible? Can we have intellectual conversations? Does he/she bring out my negative traits or suppress them? Do I genuinely like this person? Do we have the same interests? Can I live with this person for the rest of my life? Do our visions align? All of this tends to go unanswered when you’re both focusing on how to jump each other’s bones at every chance you get.


A lot of times we are given a vision but we procrastinate and stall because of the chattering in our mind that says we're not ready or good enough, while our intuition and gut feeling requires us to act now. Your brain is designed to keep you safe, to keep you complacent and comfortable, while your soul and intuition wants you to soar.