Life as an ambivert.


So growing up, I have always struggled with the question ‘’are you an introvert or an extrovert”? I never really understood where I quite fit, I would have my colleagues/acquaintances thinking I was this quiet shy girl while my friends would laugh at that thought. I knew I wasn’t quite an introvert and I definitely wasn’t an extrovert so what was I? And, so being someone that loves seeking knowledge, I came across the term AMBIVERTS, which basically means “a person who has the balance of extrovert and introvert features in their personality”. I never really understood why different situations and places dictated my personality, why I get very calm and reserved when I’m around a bunch of introverts and I get very excited and hyper when around extroverts. I‘m pretty much like a mirror to people and situations and I never understood it, you’re dating a guy/girl who is very outgoing and you don’t have a problem with it because you can totally do the night life 3 times a week because its fun and exciting. Or dating an introverted person and that’s perfectly fine because guess what? I love watching series and just staying home doing nothing too. So, this was it, I feed off whatever energy I get, whatever it is I’d rise or bend to the occasion. I go out and can be the life of the party till all of a sudden my energy drops and I just want to go home. I love the spotlight but I prefer to decide when I get it. The introverted side of me just needs solitude, this could be watching tv, writing, reading books, listening to music or just sleeping. Oh dear, Small talk gives me so much anxiety, I’d rather have meaningful, in depth conversations. Being alone is me pretty much hanging out with myself, I meditate, relax and reflect. I love and look forward to it till I get sick of it and the extroverted side of me kicks in, this side loves the spotlight, is very daring, hangs out with friends, meeting new people, talk to strangers, have engaging conversation because it feeds me, can turn up till 5am till I crawl up in my bed and not step out for the next couple of days, its a cycle. Introverts love their space, but every once in a while could go out of their comfort zones while extroverts are very outgoing and never really grasp the concept of staying home when there is no activity but with me I was in the grey area. Having said all of this, I feel like a super hero, that possesses some sort of rare character trait, I am a people person with great social skills and also a loner that lives in her own world. In understanding all this about myself I figured out one thing, Being with an ambivert is like having the best of both worlds when it comes to relationships, because it never gets boring with us. If you think you’ve seen it all there is always more to see and know because different situations, different people reveal different sides to us, so we’re far from predictable. Also in the corporate world we can’t be put in a box, we can thrive in a very interactive engaging environment as much as behind a computer with minimal human interaction and still be in our element.


Are you an ambivert, introvert or an extrovert? Share your thoughts…

E Bozimo.

Love & Light xo

5 thoughts on “Life as an ambivert.

  1. This article looks like something a Horoscope account would write when trying to describe an Aquarius. Although I feel it’s all fugazi, a lot of Aquarius people would probably relate with this your article. Nice write up


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