Short letter to the broken hearted




Dear Queen/King,


 I heard you’re going through a break up and finding a hard time with the situation and I’m sorry to hear that. You loved him/her, I know you did. So deeply and never knew it will ever come to an end like this. You never imagined you’d be back to your boring old routine, sleeping next to those stiff pillows all alone. Waking up to non-existent morning messages, and not having anyone to talk about your day with or caring if you’ve eaten or not. Staring at old pictures and having to explain to people what went wrong. You miss the banter, the company and just his/her smile. I get it, the what ifs, its hard.. change always is. You’re overwhelmed, the memories are still so vivid, but don’t ignore it, allow yourself to feel, feel every pain. Cry if you must, let it all out, vent to your friends or anyone with ears. Your pain must be felt, don’t hold it in. They stopped loving you? You both weren’t medically compatible? they cheated? Your parents couldn’t get with the program? Or was it just dysfunctional? However, whatever the reason for the break up, it has happened, your life is a little different now, all you’ve gotten accustomed to has changed but its not the end. It happened for a reason, and as bad as it hurts you have to pick up the remaining pieces and keep it moving. Resist the urge to ask them to take you back, you can’t beg people to be in your life, go accomplish your goals and they’d be begging to be in it.


Your life shouldn’t stop because of a failed relationship; there’s more of life ahead, a lot more beautiful memories. Life is like a movie and you’re presently at a chapter of a script and I promise you there’s a lot more ahead only if you’d keep moving. Don’t dwell on what could’ve been, everything has a way of coming together nicely so be glad that you’re out of something that probably wasn’t destined. Eventually the dots in our lives start to connect and we get a better understanding why it had to happen when and how it did. You want closure, you expect it but you’re not entitled to it, from anyone. Closure is an illusion, it’s the desire for things to end the way you want it to without thinking about what is healthier for you or them. I’m a firm believer that people who are meant to be in your life will come back no matter how far they wander. But also, don’t be too fixated on why it never worked out that you miss out on the amazing person God has for you. Keep on keeping on, eventually at the end of the movie, you smile.


E Bozimo.

Love & Light xo


One thought on “Short letter to the broken hearted

  1. #word to my soul…… “don’t be too fixated on why it never worked out that you miss out on the amazing person God has for you”.


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