Definition Of fear: ‘‘Fear is a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain etc’’

Now this is something a loooot of us possess, some more than others, and it gets the best of us but you know what? Fear is just an illusion, its an emotion like any other emotion like love, compassion etc, we just gave it more power. Its something we’ve created in our minds and its not real, it’s a restriction of the mind. Fear is one the reasons most people don’t tap into their true potential, the fear of the unknown, judgment, perception of others, criticism and the pain of leaving your comfort zone but nothing great ever happens there, ever. Fear can be used as a fuel and a drive, it should keep you up at night studying, it should make you rehearse your lines before public speaking, it should make you practice day and night when preparing for the Olympics, It should make you study about a company before going for an interview. It is not your enemy, it’s your friend. What have you allowed fear to do in your life? A lot of people stand on the edge of their greatness due to fear. “I have to wait till the right time” “I have to lose this weight first” “I have to get enough money first” we feel we have forever but in reality all we really have is now. You might be working at an organisation because it pays well, while you put your dream on the back burner but what you’re actually doing is helping someone else achieve his or her dream. If they didn’t chase their dream you wouldn’t even be working there to start with. No matter how little support or resources you have, you can always start with what you have to pursue your God given passion. Once you’re in alignment with Gods plan, you’d be shocked at the people that will drift towards you, these people are called destiny helpers. Fear will have you rock back and forth in your head just so you don’t leap. Yes, you might fail actually, but what if you don’t, what if you soar? what if all you need is to take that first step and let the universe play its part. Optimists are five times more likely to fail and 10 times more likely to succeed than the pessimists and the realists because guess what they aren’t scared of taking risks. The most successful people in the world today lose more money than the average while the average earner might not lose but remains stagnant. So whatever it is you feel you want to achieve, but it seems quite unattainable at the moment, you must first silence your mind, make daily attempts towards it, then go conquer. A lot of times we are given a vision but we procrastinate and stall because of the chattering in our mind that says we’re not ready or good enough, while our intuition and gut feeling requires us to act now. Your brain is designed to keep you safe, to keep you complacent and comfortable, while your soul and intuition wants you to soar. Don’t dim your light because you’re scared, instead shine to the maximum and if for any brief moment your light gets to someone in the midst of darkness and they get to see themselves even for just a second then you’ve achieved a lot. When you realise that your vision has less to do with you and more to do with everyone that’s blessed to cross your path you’d take action right this minute. You are the author of your life, the pen is right in your hands, why not make it a memorable one? Whoever sold us this dream that we have to be comfortable all the time? I don’t know about you but id rather inconvenience myself so I can make my mark in this world and secure a great future for myself than be ordinary because guess what darling, extra ordinary is where its at and the bottom is waaay TOO crowded.

E Bozimo.

Love and Light xo

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