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Healthy competition vs Envy

I don’t know exactly what you’re going through but your experiences are not mere coincidences; they are footprints to your future. Nothing you’ve been through will be wasted, every person has had some experiences that elicited the question “why am I going through this?” our difficulties shape our lives. Whether you grew up poor, middle class or wealthy, your experiences play a role in your life. There are different paths to take, people to meet, and circumstances to overcome that eventually leads to our purpose in life, your journey is totally different from the next person. Eventually you’d find out why you had to go through what you did, lessons had to be learnt, skills had to be practiced, patience had to be taught and its your job to use that to propel you forward.

On Becoming (Book Review)

I believe this book was just a representation of what a high percentage of women of all ages go through in Nigeria. It’s so common that I can’t even begin to imagine the amount of lives she must have touched, strength a lot of girls would have pulled from it.

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